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dark haired girl

May 2007



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David Cook - Slide

leftofcenter7 in velocity_review

AI Top 20 - Guys

x-posted in leftofcenter7

Thankfully, this week the guys were a LOT better. But, there were ups and downs.

Phil - Missing You ~ second week in a row where his song got off to a bad start, but he still manages to pull it off. I like him more then i liked his song choice.

Jared - Let's Get It On ~ This guy is a bit too cocky for my taste. And tackling a Marvin Gay song is a tall order, which he unfortunitely did not pull off very well. he had the attitude, but the voice didn't back it up. he was entertaining, but the vocals were all over the place.

AJ - Feeling Fine ~ I like this guy, and he did the best he could with a tough song. He hit a few bad notes, but overall he was good. Nice to see him trying something different.

Sonjaya - Steppin Out ~ Oh good grief, this was painful. i'm wondering if he actually wants to be there, since he doesn't seem to be trying very hard, or even having fun out there . it was boring, and uncomfortable.

Chris S - Trouble ~ One of my faves of the night. i'm liking him more, and more as the weeks go on. He proved tonight that he is more then just a big personality. he's got a great voice too. IMO he blew Taylor's version outta the water.

Nick - Fever ~ Just....eh. He's just forgettable. that about sums it up.

Blake - Virtual Insanity ~ Two words...kick ass! loved everything about it. i'm amazed by how much this guy has grown on me since the auditions. To me, he's the whole package...talent, personality, originality, looks.

Brandon - Time After Time ~ He keeps on disappointing me. :( I loved him in the auditions, but like Sundance and Sanjaya, he has made some weird song choices, and they haven't worked for me. He's in big trouble this week, i think.

Chris R - Geek In The Pink ~ a Jason Mraz song!!! he gets MAJOR props from me for doing that. And he did it well. He seemed to be rushing it a bit, but i liked it a lot. :)

Sundance - Mustang Sally ~ I get the feeling i'm the minority here, but i did not like it. he still seems to be completely different then he was at his first audition. Just a weird performance for me. :(

Bottom 2 prediction:

Nick & Brandon (or Nick & Sonjaya)
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