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Rant #1 - Chris Daughtry

When Chris Daughtry was voted off of season 5 of American Idol, it came as a shock to many. Most of all, i believe, to Chris Daughtry himself. Looking at his face that night, when Ryan announced he was going home, i was struck with the feeling that there was a man who had already written his acceptance speech as it were. Considering all the praise that had been heaped on him from day one, i don't for a second believe he didn't take it as a given that he would hold the season 5 crown. He looked dumb-founded, confused, and more then anything...angry.

Anger seems to be Daughtry's favorite emotion these days. Even tho he has outsold all the other season 5'ers by a good margin, he doesn't seem to appreciate the fact that he's successful. or more to the point, that Idol, no matter how "restrictive" it may have been, was the main reason he ended up being that successful.

I have recently read a few articles on Daughtry, and i have been left with basically the same impression of him: that of a spoiled, crybaby. a foux 'rockstar' who didn't seem to have a problem preening around on the Idol stage for all those group numbers while he thought he was going to win. But now, that it's all over with, he complains of the insentient cheesiness of the entire experience. To me, he comes off as a sore loser. Instead of being grateful for the experience, and the exposure he gained from the show...he whines when someone refers to him as "Chris from American Idol". Yet, he is first to say how for years before, he and his band were "going nowhere". He's now sitting on a cd that has sold 1.5 million copies, and as annoying as it may be for him to admit...those album sales are thanks to American Idol. Yes, it might be uncool to associate with the show. I'm the first to admit how incredibly cornball it can be a lot of the time. but if the idea of getting up on stage and having to sing "Joy To The World" with Kellie Pickler in front of 30 million people is so insulting to your sense of Rock N Roll artistry, then why the hell sign up for it to begin with? Why? Because he, along with thousands of others, wanted the exposure Idol provides. But now that he's looking back, sitting atop the Billboard charts, it's easy for him to act pompous and arrogant. To act condescending towards the fans of AI that put him where he is. And anyone who says he's not being insulting to the fans, is mistaken. Calling the experience cheesy and acting as if the entire subject of AI is a boring chore to deal with, is insulting the millions of people who watched, rooted and voted for him every week. It's a slap in the face to the people who were heartbroken when he was voted off. For someone so angered by the whole AI machine...he didn't seem to have a problem letting one of his songs be the soundtrack for each weeks cast-off Idol, ala' Powter's Bad Day last season. I guess he doesn't mind Idol when he's getting their money.

Chris Daughtry is, i have a feeling, going to look back on this time and regret his behavior. because, the flavor of the month only lasts so long. And the adoration of the fans, can be fleeting. He needs to realize that there are literally millions of struggling musicians out there who would love to be in his shoes right now. He's selling millions of records, and selling out concerts. His video is all over tv. I think Chris from American Idol needs to channel all that anger into something constructive. Like maybe into making a half-way original rock song, instead of a Nickleback clone.
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