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dark haired girl

May 2007



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Rave # 1 - "I Can't Make You Love Me" - Prince

Normally, I hate cover songs. They have always been a pet peeve of mine. For example, take a person like Rod Stewart...who for several years in the 80's, seemed to do nothing but covers of other people's songs....Tom Waits, Robbie Robertson, Bob Dylan. All of them artists who's original version of their own songs, were far superior to the copycat covers that Stewart slapped together. And the worst part about it? Stewart had the hits with them! So, being not fond of covers in general to begin with, i can honestly say the prospect of hearing someone doing another version of one of my all time favorite songs....doesn't exactly make me excited.

There have been two exceptions to this rule. And both of them involve this song. George Michael's version is better then the Bonnie Raitt version in my opinion. His voice seems to bring more emotion to it, making it more relatable, and heartbreaking....at least for me. And then there's this version....a rare, and as far as i know unreleased (though considering all the cds, bootlegs, singles, remix singles etc that he has put out since 1981...who the hell knows) version by the one, and only Prince Rodgers Nelson. Now, i make no secret of the fact that Prince is, to me, the single greatest musician of my generation. But having said that, there are many...many songs of his that i don't like. But when he nails a song...he fucking N A I L S it.

Listening to the beginning of his version, i thought it was going to just be a mirror image to the original...nothing different about it. but, leave it to Prince to put his own twist on it, in surprisingly humorous ways. He takes a song, that is at it's core, extremely bleak and depressing, and makes it fun, sexy and damn funny. Basically, turning it into a completely new song. He flips the narrative around, and turns it into another one of his attempts to seduce you, the listener(along the lines of International Lover, & Do Me...though a bit less raunchy). It's rare indeed to find the enigmatic Prince intentionally being funny, as he is here. The highlight being when he changes the lyrics at the end to "Just hold me close, between your thighs..." .

The song is refreshing, and surprisingly light for someone not known for his prankster side. Listening to it, makes me realize why I'm a Prince fan to begin with. Because no matter what, he brings something new and different to whatever he attempts. it might not always work...but when it does...it's gold.