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dark haired girl

May 2007



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leftofcenter7 in velocity_review

American Idol Rant

Now, let me first say i knew going into tonight's performance show that Blake had little to no chance of winning. but when i saw the 'winning' song performance, i heard the door slam on any hopes he had of pulling it off. This so called winning song was 1) absolutely sickeningly sweet and awful. 2) in other words...the song, which would be the last impression the viewers had of them, would be INCREDIBLY, OBSCENELY slanted in Jordin's favor. as if i needed further proof that show is fucking rigged. My dad's argument to this, is that if it was, Melinda would still be in the competition. I disagree..the fact that Melinda is gone proves my point...she would have been far harder to beat then Blake.

I have lost any respect that i ever had for the producers of this show.

Not, that Jordin didn't out-perform Blake...she did. but how could she NOT given what she had to work with. That song would have never been something that Blake would have chosen to sing, or in fact, anyone else would have picked for him. i just think it's completely unfair that he wasn't given a song more suited to his style...the way they seemed to cater to Jordin. fair is fair.

According to DialIdol, Jordin is beating Blake by about 30%. It's a joke. And i'm annoyed to the point, that if i wasn't watching the show with my dad, as bonding time...i would give it up for life.